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Celebrate Dads and Grads

        Why not celebrate the special people in your life with a unique gift idea? Dads or recent Grads would love a gift of relaxation-facials or massage/reiki/reflexology to round out their busy days. The professionals at NOVA SalonSpa can create a custom package for services for you AND we can add a hand-picked selection of products to maintain their stylish cuts. Gift cards are always available in any amount for any budget. If you are crunched Read More

Want to know how to get the perfect “beach wave” curl?

Using AVEDA products: Shampoo and Conditioner - Pure Abundance Volume Spray - Pure Abundance style prep spray Thickening Lotion - base builder - Phomollient Finishing Hair Spray - Air Control It is not in one swoop on how that look is created. However, with the right products, curling iron and patience - you can achieve that coveted look! First, you need to have the right hair products. The best products are not just your finishing sprays. It starts with the shampoo you use. Be sure Read More

What is the difference between a trim and a cut?

Before & After! WOW! As the client, it is a BIG DEAL! Do you want a trim, cut or somewhere in between? To the stylist, a trim and a cut are really the same thing; the difference is how much we LEAVE, rather than what we take. Some people think a trim should cost less because we are cutting less however the stylist goes through the same motions no matter what it is called. We blend, we balance and we style. You leave with a style that is uniquely you so it is really the same! More Read More

Celebrating Our Stylists: Bethany Liporto

We are celebrating a silver anniversary for our NOVA shining star! Part of the family, a friend, a mentor and fabulous hair stylist and colorist!  Thank you Bethany for being a part of our family through all the ups and downs and allowing us to share some of the most treasured moments of your

Prom Season at Nova!

Our stylist, Cassie Gadbois is the 'Queen of Up-Do's' here at Nova Salon this month for Prom Season! For more information or appointments, contact the salon